State Issued Crypto Currency Propaganda Continues

Bloomberg published a new article, On Digital Currencies Central Banks Should Lead, discussing central bank issued crypto currency.

A few key points were noticed. First, they refer to it more as digital currency rather than crypto currency, even though it is clear they are referring to the latter. This is likely to ease readers into the concept.  Readers will think "what's the big deal, we already have digital currency".  Second, they frame China as leading the charge, a situation which will compel American’s to wonder why the Fed isn’t showing more progress with this innovation. Finally, the article makes state issue crypto currency seem more like an inevitability rather than a possibility.

These points smack of propaganda rather than informative news.

For a warning from this path rather than propaganda watch The Reset’s original video on the subject below.

I’ll leave you with a quote from the Bloomberg piece, and after watching the video it should give you a chill.

“Using the existing system would make it easier for a legal digital currency to gradually replace paper money.”


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