Socialism is a Kneejerk Reaction to Rising Income Inequality but Does Nothing to Address the Root Cause

Recently I stumbled across an LA Times story entitled: America's Explosion of Income Inequality, in One Amazing Animated Chart. The chart shows what many of us know, there is rising income inequality, but beyond a huge picture of Bernie Sanders to start off the story, does little to identify a solution. I actually appreciate very little meaningful commentary; the data point is quite enough as long as you're willing to do your own research. And while the Sanders pic was a thinly veiled hat tip to the author's solution, Socialism, he did nothing to address the root cause. Luckily I had done my own research, and feel confident that I know the cause and thus I should be much more equipped than the author to determine the best solution. Instead of making a snarky comment I took the opportunity to reach out to the author with the email and questions below.