Bitcoin Possibilities

I understand that discussions about bitcoin can be polarizing. Before we move on I ask that bitcoin believers consider that there are many unknown vulnerabilities that bitcoin may have. There are challenges that it will face in the future. Some of these challenges it may not survive unscathed, or survive through at all. To the bitcoin sceptics, I ask that you do not dismiss the possibilities of this amazing new technology, and realize that it truly may be revolutionary. There are those who scoffed at groundbreaking innovations throughout history, not because of a lack on intelligence, many of the perpetrators were brilliant, but because of a stubborn refusal to open their mind to change.

There are a couple prominent theories about the creation of bitcoin, but the truth is the greatest known experts such as Gavin Andresen don't truly know the identity of the developer. Who developed the technology and why is vitally important, but even not knowing for sure, we can look at the most likely origins and drill down the implications of each. Evaluating the possible outcomes and the likelihood of each can help us in how we treat the crypto-currency.