Duane Challenge Accepted, and a Wager

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  1. I'd love to have your insights in these topics. I have read much over the last year or so. I've been looking always for the next possible cryptocurrency to have a similar initial investment to long-term profits that I missed with BTC when it was still under £500 per BTC. I've bought ethereum mostly. Also litecoin and monero. I own BTC and am reading it could hit 10K in a year. Even more. I have not read anything about other trading. And have no prior trading experience. I've always been under the impression. Changing profit for gold was the best option. I've not heard about silver not gold being a better option.

    But as a roofer. I am not thinking in terms of turning profit into profit. Just making profit to the extent I have with no experience is a miracle in itself. I was lucky enough to be told about it when it was 400 some. But it was not even touted as a way to make a lot of money to me. Just a way to keep capital safer and interchangeable with others on the fly, with alot of market uncertainty with BREXIT and other things. I consider myself lucky. But also in a way hooked on something. My wife tells me it's nothing more than gambling and it's safer to keep ones eggs all in another ones basket. And I like the idea of being able to access, check, get notifications on price changes. All while I could be doing nothing but sat, becoming a reality TV addict. So I choose to not to become a zombie of capitalism . And try and make sure the broken, rigged system pays me back a little by making my money work for me.

    I am interested hugely in what cryptocurrency you think can perhaps be the next big one. I know nothing really about how these currencies even work at a level that involves how each differs from another in how they work. And how they have more possible advantages or disadvantages.