A First Step Toward Sound Money

Here at The Reset we have dedicated much of our content to determining how the government and banking interests might deal with the failing debt based monetary system here, here, here, and here. This is for good reason since they will likely determine the path taken. I have tried to make it clear that these are not the directions I would like to take our monetary system, so now I would like to offer a first step of what I would consider the right direction. It is only a first small step since changing over 100 years of monetary inertia cannot be done overnight.

The Case For Owning Bitcoin from a Crypto-Currency Skeptic

So why am I, a self proclaimed bitcoin skeptic, discussing why bitcoin has a place in a modern portfolio? No, I have not changed my mind on bitcoin. It is because researching the commonly held belief among financial commentators and advisers that the correct allocation to precious metals is 0% forced me to take a second look at bitcoin.

An absolute claim like, you should not own ANY precious metals, rubbed me the wrong way, but because of my research into bitcoin I had no exposure to the crypto-currency. If there is anything I hate it’s a hypocrite, so lets take a look at the pro’s and cons, risks and rewards of putting some money into bitcoin.